It’s been almost ten years since Julie Silver released a CD of new original music, but we think you’ll agree that it’s been worth the wait! Reunion is a brand new collection of original Jewish music, produced and arranged by Julie’s longtime collaborator, David Kates (producer of Julie’s 1995 release Walk With Me and 1998’s Beyond Tomorrow). These twelve “songs from a faithful heart” reflect Julie’s journey over the last ten years, and are sure to resonate with your journey as well.

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Music Samples

Step By Step

Monica's Chair

The Barefoot Sisters

Meditation (May the Words)


Oh Guide My Steps

Dodi Li

Been to Canaan

Where am I

Lead the Way



It’s Chanukah Time

Julie recorded this rock-solid Chanukah collection in 2007 for Barnes and Noble. It was the giant retail chain’s first ever recording of Jewish music. Julie’s version of “The Dreidl Song” (and the hilarious story behind it) will spin your head off!
“I love to listen to this music in the off-season, baby!”
–David “Big Papi” Ortiz

Music Samples

The Dreidl Song

Al Hanissim

Oh Chanukah

This is Chanukah

S'vivon Sov sov sov

It's Chanukah Time

Mi Yimalel

Mi Yimalel, too

Judah Macabbee

Ma-oz Tsur

Not By Might


This Little Light of Mine

For Love to Grow

Julie’s rich, gorgeous voice and soulful interpretations make this CD a loving and upbeat tribute to her mentor, Aline Shader. This CD is a Parents’ Choice Blue Ribbon Award Winner. Features “The Grandma Song” and “Una Luna Brilla”. A must hear!

Music Samples

A Nice Little Piggy

Happy Birthday World

Grandma's Song



For Love to Grow

Gotta Get Up and Dance





After the Sun Goes Down

If I Had a Lot of Time

Una Luna Brilla

Notes from Montana

Julie’s 5th recording reflects her passion for social justice, and integrates her lifelong love of folk and rock music. Academy award winner Helen Hunt sings a gorgeous duet with Julie on a cover of Billy Joel’s “Summer Highland Falls”. The two of them sound great together!

Music Samples

Stay Warm

Better On the Ground


After the Sun

Cut Me Down

This Train

No Mercy


Summer, Highland Falls

Man In the Mirror

After The Sun Goes Down

Beyond Tomorrow

Julie’s much anticipated adult recording of 10 soulful and uplifting original songs. With its liturgical-based English and Hebrew pieces and new ballads, Beyond Tomorrow is destined to continue weaving Julie’s music into the fabric of American Jewish life. Great vocal performances from Rosemary Butler (James Taylor, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne) and Gloria Loring. Features a beautiful original setting of David Kates’ “Yivarechecha”.

Music Samples

Mah Tovu

Why God Chose Me

Asei L'cha Rav

I Wish I Could Be You

Esa Einai

Cut Me Down

Ma-Ariv Aravim (Bring On the Night)

Give My Best to You

Y'varech'cha (Priestly Blessing)


Walk With Me, a recording geared primarily for adults, reflects Julie’s spiritual maturity. The meditative focus of the album’s 12 English and Hebrew songs, many based on liturgical texts, creates a feeling of warmth and peacefulness. This recording contains songs like “Count Me In”, “V’ahavta” and one of the most popular songs in Jewish music today, “Shir Chadash”.

Music Samples

Shir Chadash


Mi Y'Maleil

Light In My Life

Take G-D With You

Baruch She'Amar

Pitchu Li

Walk With Me

Here On This Mountainside

Count Me In

You Have Captured My Heart

From Strength to Strength

Julie’s second recording with 10 selections oriented toward both adults and children features the hugely popular song “Chazak Chazak”, and the INTERNATIONALLY beloved setting for “Sim Shalom”.

Music Samples


Yesh L'vavot

The Prophet You


Wedding Blessings

Stength Intro

Chazak Chazak

Kol Nidrei Night

Sim Shalom

Sing Out Loud!


Julie’s first recording of eleven original English and Hebrew songs for children makes being Jewish something special. The big hit: “Apples and Honey” of course!!

Other Songs

Mary's Birthday (W)rap

You Found Me

Back to New York

A Guy Like Eddie

You Are Loved

When You Fall