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Confetti and family

June 8th, 2006 by Julie Silver

This is us at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade this past year in New York. Here we have, from top left going clockwise, Uncle Sumner, Mimi and Pop, Fastidious J, Mary Mary, Leo the hockey player, Jonah the fabulous chef and Aunt Robin holding her neice, Sarah E.. When we finally returned to LA and unpacked, confetti from the parade fell out of my suitcase. It was suuuweet!


The Dog of the House of Yes, Sally

June 8th, 2006 by Julie Silver

Doesn't she look like she has no hind legs?  Not to worry, she's all there–and then some.


Sarah Baker meets her idol!

June 3rd, 2006 by Julie Silver

And to think, all it took was a VIP Pass to the Macy's Day Parade (whose televised broadcast won a Daytime Emmy Award!). Here's Sarah, happy as a clam, in front of Dora the Explorer. After the tears of joy, this photographer had to snap one for the history books!


A Guy Like Eddie

June 3rd, 2006 by Julie Silver

Hey! This is Eddie. He is my main man number one in the galaxy guy!! At The House of Yes, we sing his praises all day and night. And you should taste his Rosh Hashana Ribs!!!


Bach, Brazilian BBQ, and Bar Mitzvahs

June 1st, 2006 by Julie Silver

This is an OLD post.

Lovely day in Southern California. Sarah has been playing with chalk today, and is presently napping. I had a good long run this morning–all over Santa Monica. Mary finished her taping season so she has more daylight hours to spend with the girl. I am listening to Bach double concierto (perlman and stern) in F Minor. Life is sweet.

In other news: Henry Connelly took the family to Green Field, a Churrascaria in West Covina for his 19th birthday. It’s not every day when a young man turns 19, and the occasion truly called for an insane amount of meat consumption. We took a little field trip on the way to the restaurant and got a chance to drive around downtown LA, see the REAL SKID ROW, almost rear end Gretchen and Chris, and then quietly thank God we chose to fill up the tank with gas just before the trip began. FYI–West Covina though not an uninteresting place to visit, is not the only place that serves Brazilian BBQ. Turns out they’re all over the place! Sarah loved the buffet, though, and just watching her with Aunt Gretchen makes the evening even more amazing. Gabriel hit the wall after eating just about every kind of meat offered, but took a “walk” and came back for more like a real champ. Those Connelly Boys can pack it in! Watching Henry Connelly eat is like staring at sculpture. On the surface, it is what it is. But a closer, extended look exposes details that give life and depth to the subject. It’s art, just watching him eat a plate of rice and beans. True dat the birthday boy plays a little peek-a-boo game with Sarah that is almost as cute as his poster/slogan when he ran for Senior Class President at Crossroads.