On My Mind

Three left in the Bronx…

August 26th, 2008 by Julie Silver

How I love the long season of baseball. In fact the only thing I love more than the Boston Red Sox is the long season itself. Today we’re starting a three game series against The Team That Dare Not Speak Its Name in their soon to be demolished stadium. Good riddance I say. I never believed in the curse of the Bambino, but for some reason this morning I woke up with one thought: It’s finally going to be over. WHAT is finally going to be over I cannot say. But curse or no curse, after these next three, we never have to play in that stadium ever again. Now I’m not going to dump all over The Team That Dare Not Speak its Name here in this blog. I love New York, I love my father-in-law, and I love my friends who happen to love The Team That Dare Not Speak Its Name. But I will say this: Giambi looks like a prison chef and A-Rod is a ball-slapping whiner!

I’ll be fine.